Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good-bye Toledo, Ohio. The simple act of polluting just shut down their Water Supply.

Isn’t it time we get rid of the EPA? Get big government job killing regulations out of the way.

Even with regulations, we’re seeing the devastating effects of water pollution in Lake Erie. About 400,000 people in the Toledo Ohio area were told not drink or even use tap water for almost everything, including washing dishes and brushing their teeth. And boiling the water only makes the toxin worse.

Imagine getting rid of the EPA, leaving it up to some state’s to put in place ideologically relaxed environmental controls over the use of phosphorus in farm fertilizers and underfunded oversight of sewage treatment plant runoff.  Remember, we’re no longer talking about a moderate Republican Party anymore.
WFAA: Algae blooms during the summer have become more frequent and troublesome around the western end of Lake Erie, the shallowest of the five Great Lakes. The algae growth is fed by phosphorus mainly from farm fertilizer runoff and sewage treatment plants. Scientists had predicted a significant bloom of the blue-green algae this year, but they didn't expect it to peak until early September.
If regulation costs money, than how would you describe the following:
Toledo spent about $4 million last year on chemicals to treat its water and combat the toxins.

It’s what we’re doing to the Environment: Add to that job killing climate change and the onset of long lasting droughts that have killed off major parts of the U.S. cattle herd, raising market prices and closing processing plants, like the Cargill facility in Milwaukee that once employed 500 workers. How does that save money or promote freedom?
Daily Beast: Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of wildfires in central and northern California. Thousands of acres have been burned, and some residents have been asked to evacuate their homes. The atypically high temperatures and dry weather in these regions of the state have exacerbated the wildfires.
Produce dependent farmers have seen their water supply shut off or greatly restricted, raising prices for consumers. 

And what about the air we breathe, a topic never brought up in these discussions? Tens of thousands of people die prematurely due to lung diseases caused by particulates they inhaled over decades.

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