Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Republicans drag Kindergarten Teacher through the Right Wing Media Mud.

If some right winger came up and destroyed a few Mary Burke signs, would you hunt them down and charge them with vandalism? Not me, but our police state minded tea party losers would, and did just that…to a kindergarten teacher. 

Even crazier? Wisconsin Reporter M.D. Kittle was finally able to expose this criminals name, and publicly shame her. Kittle's laughably extensive coverage of this incredibly uninteresting story is jaw dropping to say the least:
10 signs knocked over!!
Wisconsin Reporter has learned the identity of the suspect accused of politically motivated disorderly conduct at last month’s Jefferson County Fair. April Kay Smith, 38, a kindergarten teacher in the Germantown School District, was issued a disorderly conduct citation for tearing up and stomping on several signs on July 9 at the Jefferson County Republican Party booth after the fair had shut down for the night.
In an instant, our one party authoritarian brown shirts were on it:
A witness, Roxane Stillman, 62, of rural Madison, reported seeing Smith destroy the signs. Stillman, in a July 23 story, told Wisconsin Reporter she followed the suspect around the fairgrounds for more than a half hour, calling out for a police officer.
Poor Stillman didn't even have a gun to defend herself, and our children, from someone so dangerous:
Stillman told Wisconsin Reporter that she has pressed for the suspect’s identity because she is concerned that someone who seems to be carrying so much anger and partisan aggression would be teaching children.
Overzealous much? To top it all off, our lawsuit crazy conservative hypocrites were ready to sue to get this kindergarten teachers name:
The Sheriff’s Department, as of Monday morning, had yet to release details … The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, or WILL, sent the county a letter advising that the Sheriff’s Department interpretation of the court decision is overly broad and the agency could risk a lawsuit if it continues to keep basic information from the public.
And you gotta know something this sick is right up Vicki McKenna’s alley:
The Jefferson County GOP first made the matter public on conservative talk show host Vicki McKenna’s show a few days after the incident … The woman started walking away — then she started running, Stillman said. “I said, ‘Honey, I’m good for about five miles. If you want to run, that’s OK. I’ll stay with you,’” Stillman said. “Everywhere we walked, I yelled out, “Someone get the police! This lady damaged property.”
This is the party of freedom and liberty folks. Be warned, they will hunt you down for crossing them or for resisting their one party agenda, and send their intrepid reporter Kittle to drag you through the right wing media for a public shaming. That should quell dissent. A real scoop there Kittle.

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  1. This screeching act by right-wing media proves that Walker's excuse of "needing extra security due to threats" is total BS. Because if there were that many threats, the drama queens at fake news sites like Wisconsin Distorter and Icki's show would have been blaring it non-stop.

    There's a word for people who love to dish it out, but whine and go into the fetal position when people punch back. A 5-letter word starting with P and ending with Y