Thursday, August 28, 2014

Despite Walker Embrace of Inaccurate, Less Reliable Monthly Jobs Numbers, Media not taking the Bait this time.

Like I've said before, Scott Walker's got nothing.

What's a failed governor left to do? Flip flop and lie about his tenure as governor, despite any appearance of desperation.

WISC Reality Checked Walker's misleading claim of job creation using a limited number of hand picked states and the "inaccurate" and "less reliable" monthly job numbers.

I started the clip with Walker's outlandish claim that his lousy poll numbers will change for the better now that he's "debunked" Mary Burke's fact based ad sighting Wisconsin's last place position in job creation. Laugh as you hear Walker use every buzz word possible (in bold) to jazz up his base:
Walker: "...the polls was concluded before our recent ads came out that completely debunked the myth about our ranking in the Midwest above Mary Burke and her allies outside of the state, and others in the state are pushing, from some of the union money out there."
Not so fast, that ad did nothing of the sort as you'll see in WISC's Realty Check (at the :45 second mark):

Back in 2012 before the recall election, Walker called the BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages the gold standard in jobs numbers because it's a more complete survey of employers while the monthly numbers are a snapshot that's subject to revision.

Those are the numbers Burke is using in her ad. Looking at the QCEW numbers that are currently available, from December 2010 to December 2013, Burke is right that of 10 states Wisconsin was 10th.

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