Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey WIBA 1310, time to take out the McKenna Trash Talk.

Reporter Dylan Brogan chanced upon a classic moment where conservative talker (V)icki McKenna defended law enforcement in Ferguson, MO. She's normally not a big fan of local law enforcement when you drunk and disorderly though...

...so Brogan called her and reminded her of her embarrassing past at a U2 concert 18 years ago, where she took a swing at an officer. I assume she wanted to land a punch. And really, resisting arrest takes a little physical force as well...well, check out the edited report by clicking on it. 

Classy and professional as ever, McKenna (Pyzynski) ranted and raged for a few minutes, threatening Sly and the "troll" caller. This plays well for Clear Channel advertisers, a blathering, incoherent, juvenile name calling talk host with a microphone?

I've included as many names and threats as I could from her podcast. Take it from me, her former partner and 26 year radio guy, she's about as uninformed and immature as anyone I've heard behind a mic, and I've seen some real losers. 

Here's what Clear Channel is proudly syndicating around the state:

Jenny, a caller, said she was entertained by her cheap trash talk. Blunt, straight forward, hilarious? Really?