Friday, April 5, 2013

Walker Authority turning on Farmers & Rural Voters now!!! They have been all along.

Farmers are known to died-in-the-wool conservatives. They’re self-made, hardworking, no nonsense businessmen and women.

Surprise! They’re now on the receiving end of Scott Walker’s big business, big government takeover of Wisconsin. Conservative voters who celebrated Walker’s big recall win are suddenly not so happy.

I don’t think farmers ever knew it was their party holding up high speed internet access. They should also ask State Sen. Frank Lasee why he wants to give anyone living near a leased wind turbine the ability to sue farmers into bankruptcy with frivolous lawsuits. Now the Walker Authority is coming for their land.
Daily Reporter: A group representing Wisconsin farmers said its lobbying agenda this
spring will include opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to eliminate limits on foreign land ownership. No foreign person, company or government can buy more than 640 acres of land in Wisconsin. A provision eliminating that cap is included in Walker’s budget proposal, which the Legislature is reviewing.

“Under this proposal, any foreign individual, corporation or government can come in and buy up as much land as they want. This will drive up land prices so high that Wisconsinites won’t be able to buy the neighbor’s farm that comes up for sale or the neighboring 40 acres at a decent price that they can afford,” Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden told the Fond du Lac Reporter.

“What’s that going to do to the Wisconsin landscape and our ability to produce food for our people?” he added.
How quaint, "food for the people." Sounds like socialism to me. Catching up slowly, farmers are also starting to wake-up to who’s been blocking their ability to expand their business online:
The group’s legislative agenda also includes a push for expanding broadband services in rural areas. Von Ruden said many farm families still lack Internet access.
What, they can’t wait for the free market to eventually provide service like the Republican Party insists will happen someday, when it's profitable?

And even more ironic, the rural voter has more political power overall by virtual of land size and the number of district’s, and Republicans are using their legislative majorities to now block out farmers.

Don’t even get me started on affordable health care for farmers or the delayed farm bill. I still don't get why farmers would keep voting Republican. On every issue above, Democrats have supported them


  1. Before anyone gets Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, Job Training, Pell Grants, FoodShare, Badgercare, or any other help from the Government, they should have to list who they voted for. People who vote Republican shouldn't be allowed to partake in any of these programs. It's like the people who vote and fight to get Democrats in are saving these programs for everyone. And then they turn around and call you a left wing loon, a loony liberal, or better yet a union thug and bottom feeder. CUT EM OFF!!! Deficit solved.

  2. Love the idea. And they should too, ya think?