Friday, April 12, 2013

Republican Food Police!!! Nanny State Rep. Dean Kaufert wants you to eat what he tells you.

What do you mean Republicans are for small government? Bullshit.

Republicans are spending all their time shaping government and our social norms around their contorted vision based partly on a fiction novelists brutal writings and theocratic doctrine.

They can't help themselves when it comes to telling people what TV shows to watch, video games they should play, pictures they can see, movies they can attend, news that tells "the truth," laws you don't have to obey, a state religion we should establish, an emergency manager to replace elected officials, medically unnecessary procedures women must get the picture.

Now State Rep. Dean Kaufert wants to micromanage what food people eat on the FoodShare Program. Even though it's illegal:
"States aren't allowed to set their own definitions of what's 'healthy' or 'junk,' and Kaufert's bill doesn't actually name any products or food groups. The state also can't change what FoodShare covers without a waiver from the federal government."
Which I'm sure he won't get, but that's beside the point. Kaufert apparently doesn't care.

Partners in crime, food industry lobbyists, hate the idea too. Too bad, there's no honor among thieves:
WPR: Several Wisconsin food and beverage industry groups are criticizing an Assembly bill that would require residents on food assistance to buy mostly nutritious food.

More than 800,000 Wisconsinites depend on the FoodShare program. But Assembly Republican Dean Kaufert of Neenah says too many spend their allocation on junk food at taxpayers' expense. Kaufer says his bill does not define what is considered 'nutritious' food.

"If you read my bill, I acknowledge one thing: This proposal is short on details. But that's because I intentionally did it that way, so that the groups wouldn't be going nuts already."

Nine organizations have signed a letter in opposition, including the Midwest Food Processors Association. President Nick George says the government has no right to decide what is nutritious, and therefore what companies win and which ones lose.

He says, for example, what if potato products like French fries and chips don't make the list? He says less potato demand would mean that processors would have to let some workers go.

"That will have a very negative impact on our industry. Wisconsin is number three in the country in the production and processing of potatoes."

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