Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Republicans hate Lawsuits and Trial Lawyers, except when Bars can make a little cash suing kids and/or parents for underage drinking.

First: Warning to businesses thinking about coming to Wisconsin, you'd better be Republican approved!

Secondly, Republican are huge hypocrites. When Republicans took power, they immediately put in place a draconian tort reform bills that basically gutted and stopped consumers from suing businesses or service providers. Lawsuits were considered anti-business. Well, that depend now on the business.

Republicans are showing their lawsuit crazy side, taking aim at their enemies. Frivolous lawsuits favoring businesses that goes after a consumer...that’s just fine (bars suing underage drinkers). And if your part of an industry hated by Republicans, lawmakers are now giving citizens the right to pursue frivolous lawsuits against them and anyone else connected with that business (wind turbines and farmers).

Warning to Parents: Tea Party Rep. Andre Jacque is pushing something that might just drain what’s left of any discretionary money you had that could boost our state economy. Thanks to our disciplinary father figures in our nanny state Capitol, we're getting this:
ASSEMBLY BILL 61: a retailer may bring a civil action against an underage person who commits an underage violation on the retailer's licensed premises … If a retailer brings a civil action and judgment is entered in favor of the retailer, the court must award to the retailer damages in the amount of $1,000, plus costs and reasonable attorney fees.

However, if the underage person is less than 18 years of age … the retailer brings the action against the parent or legal guardian of the underage person instead … the action may be brought regardless of whether the underage person received a citation for, or was convicted of, the underage violation. A retailer must provide notice of its intent to bring an action and the notice must include a demand for the monetary relief that would be available if the action were brought.
And you thought Republicans hated lawsuits. Not if a business can make a little money suing a Republicans constituents kids. 


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