Monday, April 15, 2013

Showing No Leadership, Republican State Rep. Nygren's "kick the can down the road" Policy: Let's borrow money, put off tax/fee increases.

Leaders make the tough decisions, or so say our Father state authoritarians huddled at the Capitol.

Except when it comes to an obvious need to adjust and increase fees or raise taxes on infrastructure needs that have changed over the many decades, like the gas tax and road building.

Here's Rep. John Nygren rationalizing "kicking the can down the road," making the low interest borrowing argument Republicans in Congress say is just another really bad idea. Looks like Republicans are having it both ways, and getting away with it...until now. From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

History Repeats itself: Bush=Walker Plan: It looks like low interest rates and borrowing provide an easy way out for state Republicans, pretty much repeating the GOP's credit card control of congress under Bush. Admit it, Republicans created the massive debt we have now.

We're even being told a tax refund is needed because of the added revenues in the state coffers, just like Bush said was necessary when Clinton left do to "surpluses as far as the eye could see." Bush said the surpluses proved Americans were over taxed. So instead of pay down our structural deficit, or reinforcing our safety net programs, we're just going to give the money back, in the form of a one year rebate worth $20 to $100.

Make Republicans pay their bills first: All along Democrats should have been demanding that the Republicans raise taxes to pay off their "drunken sailor" days under Bush, first, before we do anything else. They're the ones who are threatening to leave our kids with huge deficits. In fact, they're even taking money from our kids Social Security and Medicare funds to help payoff their current debt. Seriously, that's looking our for our kids? It's an important point no one seems to have noticed. 

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