Friday, April 26, 2013

Members of Congress Refund Air Travel Cuts under Sequester. Leave seniors without food, kids without Head Start, veterans without care....

Our millionaire members of congress took care of themselves today, leaving Head Start, Cancer care and research, Meals on Wheels and Veterans care to the sequester cuts. Here's a compilation of cuts showing the outrage and arrogance of our elected "servants."

The only representative from Wisconsin doing his job, and standing with voters is listed below:
WSJ: AIR TRAVEL, SEQUESTRATION: Voting 361 for and 41 against, the House on Friday passed a bill (HR 1765) to end furloughs of air traffic controllers made necessary by the blind, across-the-board cuts known as sequestration that are now in force. The bill reallocates $253 million in the Federal Aviation Administration budget in order to return controllers to full work schedules and end flight delays clogging U.S. air travel. A yes vote was to pass the bill.

Voting yes: Paul Ryan, R-1, Ron Kind, D-3, Gwen Moore, D-4, James Sensenbrenner, R-5, Tom Petri, R-6, Sean Duffy, R-7, Reid Ribble, R-8 
Drum roll....
Voting no: Mark Pocan, D-2
Followed with this press release:
“The verdict on the sequester is as clear as it was predictable: these are mindless, reckless, and harmful cuts that are slowing economic growth and taking away valuable resources for our families and communities,” said Pocan, a member of the House Budget Committee. “Yet instead of working on a comprehensive, balanced solution that will allow us to protect 36,000 Wisconsin jobs, close to 1,000 Wisconsin children in Head Start, nearly 4 million meals for American seniors, and vital other services and programs, Congress continues to defy logic and try to fix the sequester in a piecemeal fashion that preserves cuts to some of our most vulnerable citizens. 

This “solution” is irresponsible and inadequate, and it’s offensive to hardworking Wisconsinites who don’t deserve to get caught in the political crossfires of Washington. I continue to urge my Republican colleagues to appoint budget conferees immediately so we can pass a budget that replaces the sequester cuts—all of the sequester cuts—for once and for all.”

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  1. Absolutely. Makes me proud to know Poxan's my Congressman when he stands up and calls this out for the self-centered stupidity that it is.

    Starting to think Wisconsin upgraded in the Senate and the House with Tammy moving up