Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Republicans concerned about School Security? Perhaps only if the NRA backs and provides it.

I didn't know this:
Badger Herald: Lawmakers reintroduced a bill this month that would allow school districts to exceed revenue limits in order to afford additional security measures. A pair of bipartisan lawmakers passed a similar measure into law in the 2009 biennial budget, but Gov. Scott Walker repealed it in 2011.
Not only has the governor not addressed the question of sensible gun regulation in Wisconsin (and seems to have gotten away with it), but he’s been against additional steps to secure our schools, a now popular target of law abiding gun owners hell bent on killing large numbers of people. At which point they’re no longer law abiding gun owners.
Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink, D–Milladore, a co-sponsor of the bill, said the proposed legislation would allow schools to exceed revenue caps by $100 per student or a total of $40,000, whichever is greater. “A lot of parents and educators have asked for it. We’re not mandating this. We’re not saying you absolutely have to do this. We’re leaving it up to the local elected officials and the people in the school district to decide.”
How serious are our sociopathic (lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience) conservative lawmakers about school safety?
Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, is the only Republican of the 28 legislators currently endorsing the proposed legislation.
This isn't about their convoluted interpretation of the Second Amendment, this is about school security and safety.

And they really don’t care. 

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