Monday, April 15, 2013

After Sandy Hook, what Legislator would suggest hunting near schools? Rep. Joel Kleefisch, that's who.

Crossbow and bow hunting near schools may seem like a really dumb idea to most people, but not to a few known sociopathic conservatives. Not only does it seem unusual to make such a suggest at a time like this, it's especially insensitive to suggest putting kids in danger from errant arrows after all the talk about school safety in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. But that's Joel.

Yes, father, family man and husband to Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, Rep. Joel Kleefisch is just that friggin crazy. See......

Besides not taking up responsible gun legislation and statewide background checks, our "loony bin" legislator Kleefisch never thought, what could go wrong, by adding strangers with arrows into the mix.

Deer are running rampant!!!!  Kleefisch would like to solve the problem of rambunctious urban dwelling deer. Democratic Rep. Gary Hebl's startled reaction mirrors my own...WKOW:

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