Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dirt Roads Return under Scott Walker!!!

Goodbye summer construction jobs, hello gravel roads. I wish I was kidding.

Why Scott Walker's record as Milwaukee County Executive wasn't warning enough, I'll never know. This political cartoon couldn't have made it more obvious.

Scott Walker is taking us back to simpler time. Dirt roads are returning, thanks to the "kick the can down the dirt road" Republican Party and their no tax pledge. Transporting goods and services might get a little bumpy.

This jaw dropping story is too bizarre for words, but it's real and actually happening under the Walker Administration. Think what he could as president. Channel3000:

Town Chairman Larry Harding: "There's 101,000 miles of roads in the state of Wisconsin, and the towns have 61,000 of those miles. Yet we get 33 percent of the transportation aid returned back to fix roads with," he said. "Instead of paving and chip sealing and pothole-filling, we would just take a grader, and the road would be graded just like back in the 30s," he said.

Public Works Director Ben Coopman added the town of Avon has already begun converting its roads to gravel, then putting a thin layer of oil over the rocks, a procedure he said is about two-thirds the cost of paving a road.


  1. This small government thing isn't working out quite like people thought. At least they'll get to carry concealed weapons while they drive on gravel roads. Yee Ha!

  2. Many times up north the roads are in areas where the county owns property for miles which has no chance that anyone will ever live on this newly blacktop road. It is a huge waste of money. Blacktop roads are also used as a way to ensure votes as the roads are blacktopped with no cost to the adjacent property owner. The blacktop industry has a huge lobby group that contributes enormous amounts of funding to groups,