Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wisconsin should have a License Plate supporting Planned Parenthood, not "Choose Life."

Glenn Grothman wannabe, Rep. Andre Jacque, wants taxpayers to pay for “Choose Life” fringe groups.

This guy is radically nuts, and yet no one seems to have notice him. Frenchie Rep. Andre Jacque continues to go absolutely tea party bonkers under the media’s nose. This guy is even pushing for more nuke plants, all the while one plant is shutting down due to skyrocketing costs. He even teamed up with our sexually frustrated Senate prude Mary Lazich, to create the utterly partisan "Choose Life" license plate issue:
On the Capitol: Just how many specialty license plates can one state have? If it were up to state Rep. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, Wisconsin could have quite a few more … the day after one of his specialty plate-related bills passed, Jacque started circulating yet another license plate proposal. This bill, co-sponsored by Sen. Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, would authorize creation of “Choose Life” specialty license plates to raise money for certain pregnancy care centers.

“Choose Life” plates were currently available in 24 other states and have raised more than $12 million for “worthy charitable organizations.” Jacque said, giving the cash to “life-affirming agencies that provide resources and education to women, men and children throughout Wisconsin.”
"Choose Life" has nothing to do with providing life saving health care, just protecting those fertilized eggs and fetuses. On the Capitol came back with this wonderful idea, one that should have been a part of the Democratic platform for years:
We suspect Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin will not be among the groups getting a cut of the money. 
Why not have a license plate supporting planned parenthood? Taxpayers paying their licensing fee could voluntarily support their cause as well. This is not a suggestion or a gotcha, it simply fair. And they're not a fringe bat crazy group either.

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  1. I have to agree with you. These two are flying just under the radar of the news media. And Lazich SO reminds me of the religious mother in the movie "Carrie", starring Sissy Spacek.