Monday, April 15, 2013

Would Penny Pinching Conservatives buy the print version of talk radio tantrums from the likes of Charlie Sykes?

WTMJ's Charlie Sykes must really hate passing along his insights and wisdom to so many right wing listeners for free, when he can make a buck off them instead. With stories like the horrors of the Hoan Bridge's LED light show and the burden that freeloading conservatives have to bear on tax day, there are few surprises in the "subscription only" echo chamber below.

I remember the free email newsletters leading up to the exploitative "pay or go to hell" changeover, and their contorted story content that only a paranoid penny pinching, gun toting psycho would believe. The only thing worse would be something from the screeching banshee, Vicki McKenna, who can't put a thought together without a lot of bullshit and chicken wire.

Even the "less than reliable" committed partisan columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal, Chris Rickert, tried to make a comparison between One Wisconsin Now (which uses facts and statistics to prove their point) to the strictly fictional accounts told by Right Wisconsin. That's like believing what Ayn Rand wrote would actually work in the real world.

I'm poking fun at Rickert because in an email exchange we had over a column he did on vouchers, he started his second response to me with "John: You're a committed partisan and, as such, less than reliable." 

Considering the fact that we both offer our opinions, peppered with research and facts to back up our conclusions, the only difference I can see between him and me is a paycheck from his employer. I unfortunately don't make an income, which means...Rickert's got the better gig.

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