Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who knew State Republicans commited Copy Cat Howling over UW Surplus, just like in other states.

No new ideas, just attack, attack, attack.

College funding has always been on the chopping block by irresponsible Republican lawmakers, who just hate not just government that works, but the big money they add to the state coffers.  

The phony outrage by Sen. Mike Ellis and Rep. Robin Vos has been exposed. I wonder if the idiot Democratic followers feel just as dirty?
jsonline: Republican leadership in Kansas is calling for a 4% cut in state funding for the public university system because they say a $422 million cash balance the universities are sitting on in various funds could be redirected to pay for other expenses.

The list of states that have wrangled over how much cash their public university systems should keep on hand is growing, as the University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin's Republican leadership debate the same thing. The cash balance for the UW System is $648 million, though system officials say that individual campuses have plans for all but $207 million.
Here's the best come back yet about the business aspects of public colleges. 
"I’m confused as to why this keeps being brought up as an option, when it clearly is not," said Tim Caboni, vice chancellor for public affairs at KU. "No business would operate as is being suggested by going months without the funds needed to pay its employees and vendors. The university is following sensible and universally accepted business practices,” Caboni said.

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