Thursday, April 18, 2013

You won't believe the Gun legislation that failed.

Here's a list from the Washington Post that may just stun the senses. It's hard to imagine the following votes were made by adults. I intentionally didn't include the word responsible.
Background checks failed 54-46
The one amendment that would have completely destroyed any real regulation:
Republican gun legislation failed 52-48: The main Republican alternative to gun control, proposed by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ted Cruz (R-Ariz.) failed with 52 senators in favor and 48 opposed. It would increase funding for criminal prosecution, school safety, and mental health resources and create a task force to go after felons who fail background checks. It would also criminalize trafficking and straw purchasing and increase the penalties for them. At the same time, the amendment would loosen gun restrictions by making it easier to purchase and carry guns across state lines. The National Rifle Association supported this legislation.
Here are the rest. The Democrats should be ashamed:

Gun trafficking failed 58-42

Expanding concealed-carry failed 57-43, 13 Democrats in favor.

Assault weapons ban failed 40-60

Expanding veterans’ gun rights failed 56-44

A ban on high-capacity magazines failed 46-54, ten Democrats voted against it

Mental health funding passed 95-2

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