Friday, April 26, 2013

Conservative Rep. Kooyenga's F-150 Envy the real reason to Discipline UW.

He's a conservative, that's why.

Ask any conservative about their motivation for Act 10, food stamps, cuts to unemployment, cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit, etc....and you'll get story after story of undeserved benefits, freeloading poor people buying something they shouldn't. It's called envy.

Here's an example given to me by my conservative friend in Milwaukee; he was filled with outrage and envy when someone bought shrimp with food stamps. He never asked that person why. So he fumed about how he couldn't do that on his measly income.

Envy is behind everything these guys do. Remember when conservatives were beating up on poor people because they had refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioning, cable TV, phones...never mind that generally speaking, apartments now come with those basic amenities.

State Republican Rep. Dale Kooyenga, another conservative accountant turned know-it-all politician recently proved envy was at the heart of his attack on the UW; a UW F-150 "I have an F-150, you know a modest F-150. I passed a University of Wisconsin  F-150 that had like every single bell and whistle I've seen on a truck."- Rep. Dale Kooyenga. Petty and typical. It was something Kooyenga couldn't get out of his head. It bothered him so much, that he gave that as reason to lash out at our elitist and liberal university. WPT:

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  1. You think he made this story up? I've never seen such a truck in Madison