Saturday, April 13, 2013

So far Scott Walker has ducked Gun Regulations and Gay Marriage. Real Presidential like!

Journal Sentinel columnist James Rowen asked a good question the other day, and that is why isn’t anybody asking Scott Walker where he stands on background checks and magazine size.
Walker's bystanding on gun law changes is leadership evasion: If he is seriously asking for consideration as a Presidential candidate, and as governor of a state with a recent mass shooting attributable to an Internet handgun sale by want ad - - the Azana Spa tragedy in Brookfield - - then Gov. Scott Walker should be forced by mainstream media to take a position on the Senate bill aimed at closing Internet and gun show sales without background checks. And a postion other related bills on gun magazine capacity and assault weapon sales, for example.
No one’s really asked just what he would do. On gay marriage, he would turn “marriage” over to “churches and the synagogues and others to define that."

And what of the government? Of course, he must know that our social safety nets are tied into marriage, along with property rights etc. Unless he’s proposing churches take care of that too? 

Another words, on gay marriage, he gave no answer.

Ego Trip to...: This guy is riding high right now, and it's hard to understand why; when the state is 44th in the nation for job creation and his austere management of the state has slowed economic growth down to a trickle. The only way he can survive is to hope Obama continues to turn the country around.

In the meantime, Walker now likes to put himself in the company of fake policy wonk and former VP candidate Paul Ryan. This phony sounding story is enough to turn stomachs:

WSJ: Walker told the Wisconsin Restaurant Association on Wednesday that while he moved up the food chain in the restaurant world, the future vice presidential candidate was relegated to the back burner after a manager told him he “didn’t have the interpersonal skills to work the front cash register.”

Said Walker: “That manager is probably sitting somewhere, you know, the same bar as the guy who didn’t let Michael Jordan play varsity basketball (saying), ‘What was I thinking?’ ”


  1. rowen is an ass -- the false "blue" in the propaganda machine journal communications calls "purple" -- he, more than anyone, props up the lie of balance and objective journalism there.

    If rowen says it -- can't be right -- if rowen actually had any integrity or understood the real problem (the propaganda) he would not prop up the false dichotomy.

    rowen is a shameless self-promoter that is either entirely incompetent or is just another media shill.

    The real story isn't what walker does or doesn't say -- its the free pass he gets from wisconsin's media -- a right-wing noise machine that reverberates across the state.

    And rowen is a key player.

  2. So what time did you start drinking?

  3. @5:53 - whoa Nellie - we got here a whacko who's on the wrong blog. Rowen is a key player? - Acid or what?
    We's love to here from you again 5:53 - your post was most interesting.