Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walker Defends Environmental Record despite his Record.

Poor Scott Walker, getting picked on again by his "detractors?" Yeah, that's right, we just hate Walker. Isn't this the same tactic used by Bush? How'd that turn out?

I don't know what his detractors, or belittlers, have to do with Walker's horrible environmental record so far, but facts don't lie. Oddly, a whole bunch of stories surfaced like dead smelt on Milwaukee's shoreline.   

First, our "victim" governor made the ridiculous comment that it's "not how many citations one gives out"...oh, but it is, unless human nature suddenly changed. WPR's Chuck Quirmbach:

WPR: Governor Walker spent a moment of Earth Day responding to criticism of his record on environmental issues. "Some of the detractors like to measure environmental protection by how many citations one gives out. I think they ought to measure how clean the environment is and how solid things are, and I think what we've found in the last few years with the DNR, in this state, is that we've tried to be much more proactive to help both individuals and employers in advance find ways to provide for cleaner air, cleaner land and cleaner water in this state." 
Walker's tried...but that's not a denial of the facts. Let's Measure-Frac Sand Runoff Fail #1:
It’s been more than a year since a frac sand mine near the City of Blair was first cited for illegal storm water discharges, but the mine’s owner continues to violate its permit ... the DNR warned the company it was leaking mud and silt from the property ... Winn Bay didn't act, and later sold the company to Pennsylvania-based Preferred Sands ... So, in December of 2011 the DNR ordered a meeting with both companies to plan ways to manage runoff in the coming spring. Last May, however, a heavy rainstorm liquefied one of the site's waste piles, sending it crashing through an Amish home. DNR Enforcement Specialist Deb Dix says their suggestions were ignored. Dix says the DNR referred Preferred Sands to the Department of Justice for prosecution. Even then, she says the company continued to allow runoff to leave the property. Trempealeau County conservationist Kevin Lien says frac sand companies can afford to ignore the rules. “So, we've learned that citations are pretty much ineffective for this industry. This industry has very deep pockets and a wealth of resources.” The DNR’s Deb Dix says more than a year later, Preferred Sands still hasn’t fixed the leaking sediment. 
Cancer causing Disruptors-Fail #2:
Hundreds of man-made chemicals found in Wisconsin waters may have the potential to disrupt hormones like estrogen in people or wildlife ... endocrine disruptors a "global threat." Unlike Minnesota, Wisconsin isn't doing much to assess their presence here ... Minnesota is a national leader in hunting for endocrine disruptors in its lakes and rivers. Scientists say they could be harming fish and wildlife — and might explain increases in human diseases like cancer, infertility and obesity. But this science is young, and the risks are still unclear. Wisconsin isn't doing anything on the same scale as Minnesota. The DNR says it's waiting for guidance from the federal government — which has been criticized for being slow to act.

Melissa Malott of Clean Wisconsin says the state should be doing more. "I don't think that waiting for federal government to act — when there's no sign that they're going to soon — is a legitimate excuse. And because so many of these chemicals are linked to so many different types of cancers, that seems like it should be a high priority."
So, it's not how many citations the DNR gives out, it feel good campaign nonsense from Scott Walker.

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  1. Read another way,
    1. Shutting down the economy does lead to a cleaner environment.
    2. Frac Sand: "the New Owner Three Card Montie".
    3. Cancer Causing Disruptors: "What the Hell, his kids are grown."

    It's time to bring this to an end.