Sunday, April 21, 2013

ALEC’s “Ag-Gag” Law coming.

You know big business has won when you see them sweating the small stuff now. Freedom loving Republicans were only talking about corporate freedom, or did they just forget to tell us that?

Since a “free market” works both ways, 70% on consumer and 30% on business, business has decided consumers have way too much control. With the Ag-Gag laws already on the books in Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, Kansas, and Utah, it’ll be just a matter of time before everyone else jumps on board.

Ag-Gag laws are explained in the story below.
Indiana lawmakers are moving legislation that would make it a crime to expose corporate crime. The Indiana AFL-CIO gives us the details: Senate Bill 373, authored by Senator Travis Holdman (R-Markle), would make it illegal for workers, journalists or others to photograph or record video of unsafe, discriminatory or otherwise unethical work place practices.
For the union bashers out there and won’t take the AFL-CIO’s word for it, this is the actual text of the proposed bill:
Agricultural and industrial operations. Makes it unlawful recording of agricultural or industrial operations, a Class A infraction, for a person, with intent to harass, defame, annoy, or harm, to: (1) enter real property that is owned by another person and on which agricultural operations or industrial operations are being conducted; (2) take a photograph of or make a video recording or motion picture of the real property, structures located on the real property, or the agricultural operations or industrial operations being conducted on the real property; and (3) distribute the photograph or recording; without the written consent of the owner of the real property or an authorized representative of the owner. Increases the penalty to a Class B misdemeanor if the offense is committed knowingly or intentionally and the person has a prior unrelated judgment or conviction.
Gee, I wonder what they want to hide?

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