Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The End to Polling Place Neutrality is here. Is NRA Armed Security Next?

Is there some problem at our polling places that needs urgent reform? Did you miss it too?

It’s a proposal that should leave even conservative voters breathless. WKOW:
Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) is seeking co-sponsors for a bill that would ensure that an equal number Republicans and Democrats have representation for each specific job at a polling location.
What the...? Think about that a second. That’s from a supposed “small government” Republican, who wants to turning polling places into D vs R battlegrounds, not to mention a whole new layer of time consuming regulation. How much longer will it be before we see fights break out over challenges to the simple act of a citizen casting their vote?
It's a measure Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell calls concerning, saying the polls should be a place where partisanship is not the goal.
And nothing can stop Republicans from reshaping and redefining entirely, a system of government we thought was settle law in our founding document, the Constitution.

Absolute power apparently does corrupt, and produces the following bizarre additional steps to voter suppression:
The proposed legislation is one of eight election-related bills Sen. Lazich is currently circulating … 
One would allow concerned parties in a recount to object to election day registrations they believe are invalid, leaving it to the local canvassing board to decide whether or not to count those specific votes.

Another would require both poll workers and the Government Accountability Board to note what each voter used as proof of residence.
And all this is supposed to solve…?

One comment to this story said it well:
Republicans ARE NOT going to support or push for legislation that restricts their cheating--Republicans KNOW they can't win elections by pushing their platform. So, they cheat through redistricting and voter suppression tactics like limiting hours, requiring specific IDs, taking away same day voter registration, limiting locations, requiring students to vote at home, etc. You won't see Republicans protecting voter rights. You will only see Republicans limiting voter rights. 

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