Friday, April 12, 2013

Shorewood Schools Complain about war on Public Schools! Really, you didn't see that coming?

I'm marveling at another school districts sudden realization that maybe they were mislead. Doing away with collective bargaining, and giving school boards control when they're not even in the classrooms is a formula for failure. Did anyone really think this was about improving schools (wink).


I'm rather enjoying the fallout, because there's a little "told you so" in all this. I'm also wondering if this doesn't make it a little harder for Scott Walker to get reelected. Why wouldn't it. His policy against public schools isn't sitting well with proud and happy families living in their highly valued school districts. There's a reason property taxes and home values are high.

I do feel sorry for Shorewood and all the other districts, whether conservative or liberal, and I'm glad everybody seems to be catching on. Like all the other towns and cities that have had the same reaction, Shorewood knows there's a problem:
Shorewood Now: School district leaders are calling on community members to lend their support to a letter which says the Gov. Scott Walker's proposed 2013-15 budget threatens the quality of public education ... an effort to sway legislators to revisit the governor's 2013-15 budget proposal, which freezes a slight increase in state aid to schools and expands the voucher program ... and risks faced by the district as a result of the governor's proposal.
It looks like the Democratic legislators weren't lying after all?
"(Cuts resulting from the governor's budget) affect not only the students and teachers in Shorewood's classrooms each day, but the community as a whole," Superintendent Martin Lexmond said in a news release.

Specifically, the letter calls for: legislators to increase the state-mandated revenue limit - which controls how much districts can raise via the combination of state aid and local tax levy - by $250 per pupil for the next two years instead of zero
And seemingly pulled right out of a couple dozen speeches presented by Democratic legislators during the protests over Walker's budget attack on public schools....
"Traditional public schools are the only schools in the state required, equipped and privileged to serve all of the children of Wisconsin," Lexmond said in the release. "However, we cannot do our jobs as educators effectively without revenue that keeps pace with increased costs and new requirements." 
Good luck with that. Here's a classic comment from a conservative reader that might need a few extra hours of's people like this that'll never be happy, yet are always at the base of power in the Capitol:
If you can't read it, here's the transcript: 
James Brotz ·  Top Commenter · UW MadisonWOW with all the Communist. Indoctrination in the schools Nation wide and ALL the ARROGANT Communist WEAC members Waisting our Money LAST YEAR id say to He! with about 90% of the babysitters(teachers? LOL) Fire them and START OVER goes for the UW system Also!


  1. Shorewood went pretty strongly for Barrett in the recall. I think people there probably did know what was coming.
    I apologize for disagreeing, but I know people worked really hard in Shorewood to get the vote out, and were pretty successful,and I would characterize the community as one that heard the message.

  2. Shorewood is far from the uber rich suburb you portray it as. In fact - they swing liberal every chance they get. This is a suburb that cares deeply for their schools. John- you need a lesson in demographics. In fact - James Rowen would disagree with you on this post.

  3. Duly noted. Uber rich doesn't mean it can't be liberal. But on the point you and Sue have made, you're right about its political swing, so the post has been corrected while still making the same point.

    I do need to brush up on the demos in and around Milwaukee, my old home town.

  4. Didn't know you lived there but the tone of your blog was suggesting that Shorewood was a supporter of Act. 10. Perhaps some were but for the most part the school board and administrators have been very supportive of teachers. And I wouldn't even call it whining as seen in your headline. They are defending their schools,students , staff and community. I don't think they saw the 0.0 increase in funding for their schools coming down the pipe. We all hoped that Walker gained some empathy in his sociopathic soul but we were wrong. THE UNINTIMIDATED ONE has just doubled down. Tanks for all your excellent blogs John.,

  5. I want to thank everyone for their input on this post, and the suggestions. I've adjusted my comments accordingly.

    You know, I even have to agree that "whining" is perhaps the wrong word.

    Don't be surprised if I change that.

  6. Suckers? This community as a whole did not support Walker. Have they used his tools - of course - they were forced to. Now the tools are gone- Walker has screwed them even more - now it's a revolt. Complaining is a weak and inappropriate term. Suckers? They didn't fall for anything. Sorry John-