Saturday, April 27, 2013

Republicans Frivolous Lawsuit Crazy, ignore Tort Reform when Convenient. Personhood Bill birthed by Rep. Andre Jacque.

Republican State Rep. Andre Jacque is tea party crazy, and a fanatical supposed “right to life” warrior who’s legislative idea’s seem geared more for Alabama than Wisconsin.

And it's a twofer: Here's another Republican pushing frivolous lawsuits...(Sen. Frank Lasee wants allow people to sue wind turbine companies and the farmers who lease their land to them). What happened to tort reform?

Jacque says his stealth “personhood” bill isn't what some people think it is. And if Jacque-off just says it isn't, despite the language that indicates otherwise, well that should stand up to a court challenge. This is all part of the eventual challenge to Roe v Wade, where laws like this change our social norm, and treats a fertilized egg as a person. That could do away with the “viability” argument, the crucial point in Roe v Wade.

The written word is 100 percent of the law. This lunacy of “what I really meant” doesn't count for much.

WKOW: A Republican lawmaker wants a fetus at any stage of development to be considered a minor child. But Rep. Andre Jacque (R-DePere) claims it has nothing to do with abortion. 

Under current law, if a minor child dies at the hands of a drunk driver or due to medical malpractice, his family can file a civil wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party.
 Rep. Jacque thinks that should extend to the loss of an unborn child, beginning at fertilization. But Wisconsin would join only about a dozen other states in using the same standard for civil lawsuits.

"These kinds of bills will all end up before the United State's Supreme Court," predicted Rep. Dana Wachs (D-Eau Claire), who is also an attorney. Rep. Wachs says he cannot imagine the law standing up to constitutional scrutiny, because it is inconsistent with the viability provisions in Roe v. Wade.
Here's were we get to Jacque's "but that's not what I meant:"
But Rep. Jacque says that shouldn't even be a part of the discussion as it relates to this specific bill. "For them to try to link it up to the abortion issue, that's not what we're dealing with here," said Rep. Jacque.

"I think that that connection is clear," said Rep. Wachs.

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