Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Menomonee Falls may layoff 15 due to shortfall of $2.4 million this year, $2.5 million next year.

So, how do you like the “tools” now? It’s doesn't stop with these guys does it, and it's all headed up by Scott Walker.

Funding will continue to ratchet down, and public schools will find it almost impossible to upgrade technologically for students, and improve upon building safety.

Budgeting “uncertainty” for schools will be one of the biggest factors, since it’ll be hard to predict how voucher funding will impact things going forward, along with those unexpected and arbitrary property tax freezes. The Republican legislature is not predictive or logical. For public servants, they've got you where they want you:   
Patch: Menomonee Falls School District Will Issue 15 Layoff Notices: The staff reductions are part of the School Board's 2013-14 budget planning process, which started in a $2.4 million hole. The district would likely face another $2.1 million deficit next year based on proposals for the state budget.

The district has tightened its purse strings, and reduced its health and retirement obligations in an effort to bridge the gap. They reduced overtime hours and have also frozen staff pay rather than implement a 2.5 percent increase. However, the district could see additional savings through retirements that haven’t been announced yet. 


  1. And if I remember right, Menomonee Falls was one of the first places to gleefully impose the "tools" on it's teachers. And it voted about 70-30 for Walker and was the biggest reason dingbat Darling wasn't sent home in the recall election of 2011.

    So how's that working out for ya in the Falls?

  2. "However, the district could see additional savings through retirements that haven’t been announced yet."

    No shit...and this is good because because losing your most experienced teachers will enhance educational instruction? Suckers!