Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free Market has Decided: Private School Enrollment way Down.

The free market says private schools just aren't worth the gamble or money for cash strapped parents. But that flies in the face of the Scott Walker plan to destroy public schools. So it looks like taxpayers are on the hook to pay for Walker's for profit vision of education.

For example: Remember when free market/small government Republicans State Sen. Glenn Grothman decided government would step in and pick a winner (private schools), and a loser (public schools), by bribing state parents to send their kids to private schools with a tax credit?
“Private school attendance has fallen from 147,000 in year 2000 to 123,784 last year," Grothman said in a statement on his website. "Also, 23,200 of these students are choice students. If we do not act quickly the situation will continue to get worse for private schools."
But the market has decided...right? The chart below is proof:

So should taxpayers foot the bill on a tax credit for private schools? 

The public provides and pays for public education. If parents choose to turn that down and do something else, should they get a refund? Of course not, they made a choice to not use the services they're already paying for. Some...
...local private school administrators expressed no interest in vouchers because they valued their ability to screen admissions, wanted to maintain autonomy from state requirements and test-based accountability…

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  1. Never a concern from Growth-man that Milwaukee public school enrollments declined as a result of private school subsidies, or that the decline served as a double-whammy for the already cash-strapped school system. Nope, gotta save the failing schools because: private!