Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Suzy Favor Hamilton story continues...

I love the comment made in the last paragraph below. What a wonderful compliment? I guess it is:
Cap Times; After the Smoking Gun website broke the news back in December about Favor Hamilton's
escort work, the State Journal followed up and quoted Hamilton, via email, saying, "This
is all very much related to my depression, and my psychologist is helping me understand and get a hold of it."

But the Elle article goes deeper … Madison resident Louisa Kamps, contributing editor to Elle magazine,  wrote the 4,200-word article, titled Crash of the Titan. The author also talks of a Madison friend of Favor Hamilton, who still lives in Madison.

"While initially shocked to hear Suzy was working as a call girl, her friend says that
after thinking about it, 'I really wasn’t surprised, because she likes being the center of attention — and not in a bad way.' Suzy had 'a very hard time turning 40,' she adds. 'And for someone who used to draw all this attention,' and suddenly doesn’t get it as often, wouldn’t it be exciting, she says, to 'hear someone saying you are worth $600 per hour?'"


  1. the crazy thing is.... once the pimp service got their cut.... she was probably getting what 30 40 percent... 180 2 $200 an hour... chump change for what she was making in the rest of your life

  2. She did it for the juice the money was just incidental


  3. I know this is an old post... but she was easily taking home 75-80%- and that is just for 1st time customers. Once someone had been previously vetted, she would then be pulling 100% on repeat customers. According to her own book, the vast majority of her "dates" were returning gentlemen.

    Oh, and by the way.... she was charging a lot more than $600 /hr.

  4. Story is false. Husband stated they were in a loveless and sexless marriage BEFORE this all happened (see Dr. Phil interview). Then SFH whores in Vegas and all over the country for 18 months with many hundreds to a thousand encounters while treating husband ....and worse their daughter....with complete contempt. In her book her husband puts the crying and lonely and heartsick daughter on the phone with SFH and she castigates the both of them for "annoying" her when she could be having sex with the many men in Vegas dying to "adore' her! She angrily fights with the husband the few times she temporarily goes back to Madison and treats the daughter completely inappropriately at that same time. So what does the Husband do with his wife who he didn't love or sleep with BEFORE all this even took place? Why he buys her a condo in the Trump building so Suzy can save the expensive hotel accommodations she must have for "In Calls" for her johns. Surely any husband would do so for a wife that they didn't love (before all the whoring), weren't sleeping with and CLEARLY was an emotional wrecking ball to her daughter if allowed to stay in contact with the 7 year old. TRY NOT......could not possibly be the real story as any educated man (Husband a lawyer) would not take these actions under these circumstances....ESPECIALLY with the danger further contact with the mother represented to the daughter. Far more likely is the two had a sexual relationship where Suzy was a dominate "Hot Wife" and Mark Hamilton derived sexual enjoyment as the submissive cuckold. RH