Friday, November 16, 2012

Papa John’s lying about Obamacare’s cost to business

It was good of CNN to point out the Papa John’s lie:

That’s not all, today is support Papa John’s day, the brainchild of a 16 year old. Here are a few details:
Daily Kos/Alternet: About a third of Papa John's employees are covered by the company's health insurance plan, he said, estimating the new law would cost the business $5 million to $8 million annually.  Papa John's is one of the 50 largest low-wage employers , and it's a highly profitable one … 2011 revenues were $1.22 billion.

People who think low-wage, no-health-care jobs are a great thing, should definitely go to Papa John's on Friday to make the political point that the company would be right to cut workers' hours. What's more, everyone should be sure the workers know why they're ordering this pizza on this day.

Alternatively, they could just leave a "please spit on this pizza repeatedly" note when ordering each one. 

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  1. Facts and Republican economic ideology are not really compatible.