Thursday, November 15, 2012

Robin Vos threatens UW over Obama visit with Funding Cut.

Rep. Robin Vos really didn't say what he just said? What an petty, vindictive, partisan asshole.

Government censorship of political speech? That's what Vos was suggesting with his little shot over the bow, and a little taste of the kind of freedom and liberty you can expect from the Walker Authority. You would think seeing a sitting president speak at a public university, even during a campaign, would be something state official's would be proud of.

It's enough for this inadequate smarmy politician to call a penalty on the university. Oh, and he says he's not being politcal? WKOW TV:

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  1. I frankly don't believe that he wouldn't have the same reaction if the visiting President were Republican. But a visiting Republican President would not attract a crowd of 30,000.

    Mr. Vos also reacted very negatively to the amount of time that was required to prepare the campus security-wise for the President's visit. Well, that was not the campus's call; that was the call of the Secret Service.

    I am totally disgusted that he would threaten the once great University of Wisconsin with further cuts. It is still the economic generator for the State of Wisconsin, Republican claims to the contrary. Mr. Vos cannot see beyond his very narrow interest in his own party.