Monday, November 26, 2012

Alert!!! Right Wing wise to Liberal Threat.

We've been found out! Our message of peace and equality, fighting for labor rights and health care, have conservatives cowering in fear. What's next, rampant tranquility and happiness?

Capt. Chris has this amazing 19 minute sales message, edited here to a little over 3 minutes for your safety, to help you defend yourself against liberals, terrorists here on student and work visas, thugs and illegal alien gangs.

The training course is nothing new, and may work for some, but the sales pitch is fear mongering on steroids.

It shows how market research is now blatantly exploiting the paranoid nerve center of the conservative mind. I had no idea that government protesters, like my own family during the Walker protests, were so paralyzingly scary.

We're being told to fear those exercising their First Amendment rights. That's an amazing message:

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