Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tax Rate Cuts Don't Work.

You might have seen the story:
jsonline’s Dan Bice: Gov. Scott Walker unveiled major components of his upcoming legislative agenda, including "massive tax reform" consisting of cuts in state income and property taxes..”
As tax cuts and increases are “debated” ad nauseam in congress, the states aren't waiting to execute their plans for public austerity. We already know austerity doesn't work, but that just feeds into the conservative meme that government is bad and more cuts are necessary.

The champions of slashing, Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan, continue to plow forward with what is now a disproved theory; tax rate cuts don’t work. Here’s a reminder from an earlier post:
NY Times: The Congressional Research Service has withdrawn an economic report that found no correlation between top tax rates and economic growth, a central tenet of conservative economic theory, after Senate Republicans raised concerns about the paper’s findings and wording … they were clear that they protested its tone and findings.
We certainly can’t tolerate things like “tone,” and “findings,” can we?

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