Sunday, November 11, 2012

For Scott Walker, Conservatism before Life Saving Health Care Coverage.

Scott Walker continues to ignore the health care plight of Wisconsinites that have to do without it. People aren't getting better all by themselves because Walker's conservatism is a cure all to all of societies ills, even though he thinks so.

The idea that citizens in Wisconsin would end up paying a little more for their own health care sometime in the far off future, while still getting a lower rate overall or reducing increases due to reform, is still a much better plan than the free market version of insurance now that sentences adults and children alike to death.

But insurers are still big supporters of the Republican Party, so why change, even if it means more people will die and leave behind devastate, helpless families.

Walker's got a belief system to protect, and that's why this video clip is so important. Every reason he gives here is brutally political and ideologically driven. WISC Channel3000:

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