Monday, November 12, 2012

UPS will no longer donate to Boy Scouts until anti-gay policy changes.

I often boycott businesses that support stark raving bigotry, racism and tea party lunacy.

But I'm happy to announce my support of UPS, who are calling for an end to the ban on gay Scouts and leaders everywhere.

One interesting note: Since Republicans want to do away with the U.S. Postal Service and leave mail delivery up to UPS and Fed Ex, and UPS takes a stand against anti-gay organizations, does that present a huge problem? Does it expose a big problem with our possible reliance on the private sector to serve all Americans? Not all businesses are conservative extensions of greedy CEO's hell bent on destroying the middle class.
Jezebel: UPS Not Donating to the Boy Scouts of America Because of Ban on Gay Scouts and Leaders
According to GLAAD, UPS released the following statement:The UPS Foundation seeks to support organizations that are in alignment with our focus areas, guidelines, and non-discrimination policy. UPS and The UPS Foundation do not discriminate against any person or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable law, as well as other categories protected by UPS and The UPS Foundation in our own policies. These include, but are not limited to race, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, pregnancy, age and religion.

GLAAD has called for the Boy Scouts of America to end their ban on gay scouts and scout leaders since April 2012. 

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