Thursday, November 15, 2012

State Sen. Glenn Grothman wants to stop busloads of out-of-state Dem's from Voting here.

Wisconsin's own unfiltered conservative, Sen. Glenn Grothman (growth-man), spills the beans on voter fraud. Grothman isn't alone, as you can see in the story below from Maine:

Here's audio of Sly in the Morning with Glenn:

Christian Science Monitor: Maine GOP chairman: 'Dozens of black people' unfamiliar to local elections officials may be sign of voter fraud … Charlie Webster said he has suspicions about voter fraud because hundreds of first-time voters registered on Election Day. He refused to say what towns he was talking about or reveal other specifics, but he said the allegations aren't racially motivated. "The issue is that people have come into vote that no one had seen before," he said. Webster declined to back down Thursday, saying people who think there's no voter fraud "have their heads in the sand." He said he's concerned that get-out-the-vote efforts by Democrats and liberal groups may have crossed the line by getting ineligible voters to the polling places. 

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