Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Very Slow Atrophied Mind of Sen. Alberta Darling: Voter ID would have made a difference?

The rule of thumb is to not resort to name calling, like saying someone is dumb, because it takes away from your argument.

In this case though, it adds to my argument, and you'll see why.

Sen. Alberta Darling is dumb for a  reason; she's constructed policy and talking points around her gnarled vision of reality.

Here Darling blames the get-out-the-vote effort, instead of a whole list of bad policies ideas the voters didn't buy into. On the local election level, candidate were running in gerrymandered districts and never had to say what they stood for. We're now just finding out about the "tea party nine."

But more importantly, Mike Gousha (goo-shay) asked Darling if voter ID would have made a difference. Her answer near the end of this short clip is all you need to know.

All those fraudulent votes? Who knew this would national attention, first with Hardball's Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh:

Even better? Rachel Maddow's dissection and nicely set up revelation:

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