Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conservative Best Friends Digging Deeper into Alternate Reality.

I'm hoping the old saying, "time heals," is in play after our divisive presidential election. What happened in the last few months, calling reality based polls and jobs numbers a left wing conspiracy, set Republican voters up for a huge fall. Even my conservative friend in Milwaukee, who's is always a bit more critical of Republican politicians than most, called me out of the blue to rub the impending Romney/Ryan landslide in my face. It actually caught me by surprise.

Now when I talk to him, he doesn't want to hear anything that calls into question what he believes to be true.

So I thought this call from CJ, a WTDY listener, reflected pretty much my own conversations and disagreements. Just like my friend in Milwaukee, he heard things I never did; solutions offered up by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. He also heard that liberal Americans are takers. Just as surreal, because they pay attention to media that doesn't report the "other side," they are convinced Obama never offered any solutions, even though he has a whole bunch of times, including budget proposals.

But what Sly in the Morning explains to CJ is the underlying problem. It's the real reason why things never seem to get any better; the loss of good paying jobs due to outsourcing, offshoring and the movement to decrease employee hours. It has little to do with spending.

David Frum tells us all why conservatives are marginalizing themselves now and in the future, from Chris Matthews:

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