Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rising Tax Collections that could restore funding for Education to be given back as tax cut.

And you wonder why Republicans always screw up the economy.

If state income tax collections exceed forecasts, that should be good news for our elected officials who want to pay down the structural deficit and refund education.

Oh, I'm sorry, the Republicans are in charge. Even on a national level, Republicans say rising federal revenues will help pay for government without any tax increases. But that's a lie too.

Instead, improving revenues means two things; the public is overtaxed, and tax cuts must be enacted.

This is the same policy Bush put in place when Clinton left him surpluses. It was one of the big reasons for the tax cuts in 2001. If we allowed those surpluses to continue, instead of giving them back as tax cuts, think where we'd be today.

As seen on Here and Now, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald says give the money back and don't you worry about the structural debt.

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