Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's the Secessionist Republican Temper Tantrum after "Voters Spoke," elected Obama and maintained Senate Majority.

Wisconsinites were warned by the Walker administration that protesting and recalls were efforts by liberals to stop an agenda voted on by a majority of people. The Republican majority was there by the grace of god and the will of the people.

But as pointed out here, the opposition over "Obamacare" and the presidents stimulus didn't stop tea party Republicans from holding protests and demanding they get their country back.

Now after the Democrats increased their hold on the senate and the nation reelected Obama in an electoral landslide, the pouting foot stamping temper tantrum on the right reveals how big a lie "the will of the people."

They want to go as far as seceding from the union...oh, did I say union? From WOAI in San Antonio:

Point well made…
Christian Science Monitor: State petitions to secede from US: Are they just helping liberals? Some on the right are concerned that the petitions to secede, posted on a White House website by angry voters, are setting conservatives up as easy targets for the mockery of liberals. That’s because the whole thing goes beyond the appearance of sore losing and nears the outer rings of planet lunacy. It makes conservatives look unhinged and foolish, in this view, setting them up as easy targets for the mockery of liberals.
Ya think?

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