Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos needs another beer shower.

The Wisconsin Assembly's new speaker and biggest asshole is Robin Vos. Name calling? Not at all.

Some people are just natural jerks. The moment you see him, or hear one word out of his trap you know...you just know. During the protests, Vos had a beer poured over his head at a nearby bar because, well, he's an asshole.

For example, check out this tell tale moment from WKOW TV:

Vos told reporters he wants to leave the divisiveness of the past behind him. But that tone changed just a few hours later, after Senate Democrats made a surprise choice in electing 32 year-old Sen. Chris Larsen (D-Milwaukee) to lead their caucus.

Upon the announcement of that news in the Assembly Republican Caucus, Vos said, "Sometimes God gives you a gift."  


  1. John,

    What do you think of the pick of Chris Larson?

    Adam Schabow

  2. I think Larson is a great pick. Both he and Erpenbach would have made a dramatic difference.

    They both fought hard during the protests.