Sunday, November 11, 2012

Republicans to RAISE TAXES!!! Regressive gas tax better than taxing rich.

Road builders and private contractors for the state are so important to Scott Walker and the Republican legislators, that they'll even INCREASE TAXES.

That's right, a tax increase on gas at the pump. Don't forget, these conservative Santa's in reverse,  removed gas tax indexing a few year ago, saying the automatic increases were unfair and out of control. Guess they weren't after all. I know, Democrats bought into the idea too. But for me, I always look at who comes up with these big fat ideas in the first place. With this increase, Wisconsin would have the highest gas tax in the nation.

Make no mistake, Republicans are about to increase taxes. Period. Just like they did with the Earned Income Tax Credit, with no criticism from their own tax averse voters. This is one of those moments the Democrats should vote no on the increase, and hang this on the Republicans. WKOW:

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