Monday, November 12, 2012

Boycott Papa John’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden and Jimmy Johns for treating employees like dirt and Freeloading. Sick Workers to serve food.

Businesses like Papa John’s, Applebee’s, the Olive Garden and Jimmy John’s have decided to attack their minimum wage employees, freeload off state Medicaid programs, and intimidate workers to vote the company way. Murray Energy is laying off 163 workers in retribution and opposition to the democratic process envisioned by our founding fathers. In fact, the founding fathers would have opposed this “attack” on business. Really. And it’s only been a few years after the Citizens United decision.

Leave it up to a naive 16 year old to come to the rescue of these poor put upon corporate CEO’s:
Fox News: Daniel Wetter is just 16 years old, but his plan to support pizza chain Papa John’s amid a backlash of liberal criticism is no pie-in-the-sky idea. Wetter is proposing that Friday be a national day of appreciation for the pizza chain, whose chief executive officer is being attacked for saying employees’ hours might be cut to cover the cost of implementing their health insurance under ObamaCare.
The cut in hours does more than take health care away from their worker’s, it destroys their ability to support themselves. Yes, let’s defend Papa John’s owner John Schnatter for making life miserable for the already miserable minimum wage workers.
“We just wanted to stand with Papa John’s because it is under attack,” said Wetter … The other elements of his plan call for supporters to buy an extra pizza Friday “to share with someone that is struggling right now,” such as a neighbor who lost a job.
Ironic? I know, I’m jumping out of my skin just retyping Wetter’s cluelessness. Does he know he's adding to the jobless roles?
John Schnatter said after Election Day that franchise owners might have to cut hours because the health care law …  estimated the law will cost the company $5 million to $8 million more annually. Other companies also have faced criticism and threats of boycotts for voicing similar concerns.

Applebee's franchisee Zane Tankel, told Fox Business that cost increases related to implementing ObamaCare might force a halt to expansion and additional hiring. 
I say look in the mirror guys, there’s someone there who would be happy to take your place. That’s the “certainty” of the free market. 


  1. I will be enjoying my pizza from Papa Johns on 11/16 in honor of Appreciation Day. I hope every dime I give them supports them.

  2. Freeloading? Intimidation? The Government passes a 2,000 page law. When employers read the law and figure out how to comply AND stay in business what are they doing wrong. If in 2,000 pages, the "loop holes" weren't closed up against the free-loaders or intimidators, maybe the business owners aren't the free loaders. Health care isn't free. If you want it; set yourself a budget and pay for the health care that you want.

  3. We need to appreciate our CEOs who tirelessly seek to line their own nests at the expense of the American worker.
    Sarcasm aside, there is no way I will be eating at a restuarant where the people who prepare the food dont have the opportunity to see a doctor when they start coughing up blood and wheezing.

    Kudos to all the republicans willing to chance having their food spat in by disgruntled and sick employees.

    Me? I'm going to spend the extra 50c and dine where the workers get treated.