Thursday, November 29, 2012

Historian Whines Tax Increase on the Rich waste of time and too Small. Dem's Conspire to Pit Tea Party against GOP.

They even have tabloid writers doing nonfiction in the tea party movement.

I couldn't resist passing along this “blame game” editorial by a conservative historian, that supposedly brings to light another Democratic conspiracy theory pitting tea party extremists against moderate Republicans. 

It’s almost comical to hear all the Republican excuses as to why we should not cut a $3 billion deduction for private jets, or allow a $67 billion yearly increase in taxes on the wealthy. It’s just not enough money to make a big difference in deficit reduction. Yet smaller amounts, measure in the millions (like funding for PBS), will magically wipe out the deficit.

With that in mind, check out this totally ridiculous editorial that starts with the false premise that any of this makes sense:
Fox News: Historian Arthur Herman: The goal of getting Republicans to agree to raise taxes is not to raise new revenues. After all, allowing the Bush tax rates to expire for wealthier Americans will bring in perhaps $67 billion a year; Warren Buffet’s plan for a thirty percent minimum tax rate for millionaires another $5 billion. That’s spit in the ocean compared to annual deficits of $1 trillion and counting–let alone a $16 trillion national debt.
The Democratic conspiracy theory is just more conservative projection:
The real goal is to detach Republicans from their Tea Party and conservative base, and wreck any chance of a repeat of 2010's GOP surge–not to mention recapturing the White House in 2016. What a Republican capitulation on taxes will really mean is a future of political defeats stretching out beyond the horizon, as a disheartened base either stays home or wages bitter Tea Party versus Establishment primary fights like the ones that cost them the Senate this year. They don’t just want to take away Republicans’ voters.
Yes, it’s the Democratic Party’s fault for pitting tea party extremists against moderate Republicans:
They also want to destroy their sense of honor and integrity. They know it will make Republicans more compliant for future deals, and more alienated than ever from the voters they will need if they ever get another chance to salvage what’s left of this country.
And isn't saving and taking back our country the most insane and authoritarian objective ever?

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