Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Media Tracker Pinhead confused, desperate, attacking Sen. Larson over problems with Reduced Government.

What you're about to hear from Sen. Chris Larson in the link below is something I've been saying for years. Larson said, "...when you talk about reducing government, you’re talking about reducing democracy when you’re doing that." 

That's true. What government doesn't control private business does. Government took on certain responsibilities over the centuries because the private sector was either not interested or not capable of serving the pubic interest...such as national parks. Government didn't wrestle these things away from business.

But Media Trackers Collin Roth never got that, and probably never took an interest in history.

I feel very strongly about the following concept, trashed by this right wing ideologue, who replaces reality with over-the-top exaggerations to make his argument. Pathetic.

Collin Roth wrote this surreal post: Sen Chris Larson Says Reducing Government is Reducing Democracy”
A day after a surprise vote catapulted freshman State Senator Chris Larson into leadership of the State Senate Democrats, Larson was interviewed by Madison radio host John “Sly” Sylvester about his new role and the upcoming legislative session. “Sly” asked how he was able to earn the vote of his colleagues:
SEN LARSON: Look Sly, I think it’s important to uh- when people are talking about smaller government, I think people have to remember what the word government actually means. What kind of government do we have? We have a democracy. It’s an election by the community, by people within the neighborhoods who decide what they want to do as a collective on where they want to go with this state. So when you talk about reducing government, you’re talking about reducing democracy when you’re doing that. You’re reducing the ability of people to hold their elected accountable and actually get a safety net when people are feeling down.
SLY: Well, Amen to that. Senator congratulations.
Media Trackers’ Roth doesn't actually get that. Instead, as the right wing trolls often write in response to the facts, Roth answers with name calling.
Really? The utter stupidity of this statement speaks for itself and provides a peek into the radical Left-wing political philosophy of the new Minority Leader of the State Senate. Any cut in the size, scope, and cost of government is a threat to democracy. Under this logic, an ever expanding government at all levels would make for a more free and democratic society in Senator Chris Larson’s world.
Larson never said that. Not even close, but Roth heard that “sweeping generalization.” Roth does what so many conservatives do, create a false premise, and then sound like a genius bashing it. But Roth only sounds desperate, even more so with this exaggerated follow-up:  
Senator Larson is part of the new-wave of Wisconsin progressives, true believers unmoored from any notions of limited, smaller, less costly government. In Senator Larson’s Orwellian world, more government equals more freedom.
Listen to Chris Larson link.

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