Monday, November 19, 2012

Republican State Rep. Craig thinks there's Nothing dirtier than health care for Americans?

Republican Rep. Dave Craig is one of those “shop for heart surgery” kinda guys, who thinks treating injuries and disease is similar to buying a car.

“Hello, I had a serious head on car accident today, and I’m wondering if I can see your emergency room prices please?”

“Sorry to sound so urgent, but my chest is tightening up and would appreciate a quick bottom line price on a heart surgeon, just in case?”

 We normally don’t see a doctor for laughs. Health care is not a consumer product. And treatments we do shop for are considered optional and cosmetic, like joint replacement and cataract surgery. It's crazy I know, but that's health care in America.  

So here’s what a press release from Dave Craig said about Walker’s decision to let the government set up the health care exchanges. You really have to hate people to think like this knuckle dragger:
He hopes you don't die?
Waukesha Patch:Other states need to realize that ObamaCare makes states nothing more than a puppet of the federal government.” 

“In order to hide the real price tag of ObamaCare, Congress and President Obama asked the states to do their dirty work for them in creating and operating ObamaCare exchanges. 

Federal mandates like this bad law will not lower health care costs or increase choice for consumers.  Only a free-market, consumer-driven approach will address the underlying issue that ails our healthcare system: the cost of care.” 
That competition so far has been terrific?

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