Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Businesses want more from Walker, while Walker puts citizens on austerity diet.

What is Wisconsin like under the Walker Authority’s job creation  plan? Well, after giving away tax cuts, grants, liability relief and more, businesses still aren't happy. In fact, after Walker rammed through business friendly legislation, the end result of our new "Open for Business" climate was less than grateful:
20 percent said they plan layoffs in the first half of 2013, the highest since June 2009.
A "heck of a job" goes out to Scott Walker/Jeff and Scott Fitzgerald!!

It’s like Republicans and taxes; they’re never lower enough.  Businesses want to freeload off the state, plain and simple.

After everything Walker did for these whiners, they've done nothing. While a survey conducted by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce showed business was never so optimistic, giving Walker a thumbs up and his biggest campaign talking point, the latest WMC survey ain't so positive:
Wheeler Report: Wisconsin CEOs say the state is heading the right direction, but taxes, regulations and the economic slowdown continue to hamper growth, a new WMC Economic Outlook Survey found.
These “full of themselves” supposed job creators look to the Republicans for help freeloading off citizen taxpayers. Yet 93% of CEO's are gung-ho about the state is going in the right direction? You'd never know it:
HOW TO HELP BUSINESS – When asked what’s the one thing that state government could do to help your business, CEOs said curb regulations and cut taxes. Twenty-two percent said curb regulation, and 16 percent said curb taxes.

IMPROVING THE BUSINESS CLIMATE – CEOs said a wide range of improvements are needed to improve the state’s business climate. Twenty-two percent said the state should be more pro-business in general, 20 percent said cut taxes, and 17 percent said curb regulations.
Walker has created a pro-business atmosphere that doesn't encourage growth or jobs:
BUSINESS GROWTH – Only 4 percent said they expect good growth at their companies in the next 6 months, and 37 percent predict moderate growth. Sixteen percent predict decline.

NEW JOBS – Only 24 percent of CEOs say they will be creating jobs in the next six months. That’s down from 62 percent from the WMC survey released in June 2012.
And the “skill shortage?” There’s no skill shortage. Instead, hardworking Americans have decided not to take what are now low wage jobs from employers who aren't willing to train people. Normally, worker shortages create demand, resulting in higher wages…but not anymore:  
HIRING TROUBLE – Some 55 percent say they are having trouble hiring, and 67 percent said they cannot find qualified applicants.
And having been a small business myself, where health insurance went up 20 percent every year, I find it hard to believe that a few CEO's (13%) were surprised their premiums went up by that amount. Dropping employee coverage is not a result of Obamacare folks, it's been going on for years, as the current private insurance system spins out of control, gouging businesses:
9 percent say they will end health benefits, and 5 percent say they do not offer it.
When is enough, enough? Never, for these greed based business freeloaders:
Kurt R. Bauer, WMC president/CEO said, “We need to continue to cut taxes, curb regulations, and litigation to make our state more pro-business. We need mining reform now to send a signal that we are serious about improving our business climate. 

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  1. I'm shocked that only 16%-20% of the "business leaders" wanted tax cuts.
    It looks like their already lower rates aren't having much affect on the bottom line and they know it.

    If they are having trouble finding skilled applicants, they may want to try raising wages, in keeping with the magic of the market that they all blabber about over cocktails. Just a suggestion.