Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scott Walker and WMC carve out destructive path: good-bye environment and state tourism business.

Remember this political cartoon?

Not so funny now?

After looking at the new semi-annual survey conducted by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, they concluded: 
WMC spokesman Jim Pugh said he thinks the concerns business leaders expressed in the survey were about "policies coming out of Washington, D.C.," specifically involving health care, environmental protection and labor union organization. 
Underline “environmental protection” as bad for business. Yet right there on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal was this headline:
Receding Water Hurting Tourism. Small coastal towns suffer as beaches turn into weedy mud bogs. 
Damn D.C.’s job killing “environmental protection” regulations. And why are the Great Lakes receding? It's due to the drought and rising temperatures…hmm, some call that climate change.

So keep that in mind after the Walker Authority strips environmental protections, streamlines the permitting time, and hands our precious ground water over to the panting mining companies. Can Walker actually bring back “acid rain?” Our nostalgic governor is trying.

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