Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ben Stein and William Kristol destroy "spending problem" lie, call for Tax Increase on Rich.

I've edited together a number of appearances by Ben Stein and William Kristol, two guys I don't consider geniuses, but represent the most outspoken pundits pushing the Republican platform.

Republicans know the truth about tax cuts, tax increases and the need for additional revenue, but refuse to acknowledge that.

As much as Stein and Kristol are blowhards and difficult to watch, sit through the video below, as Stein and Kristol expose how deceptive they've been to the voting public. The fact that Bill O'Reilly and the others at Fox News believed all this propaganda says more about their inability to recognize bullshit when they hear it than repeating GOP talking points.

I suggest you hear their arguments for raising taxes and the arguments the Fox News losers give to dispute the obvious. Sure it's what we've been saying for years, but now we know, they know, we're right. This is good stuff.

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