Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ryan still believes he didn't "lose over those budget issues, especially on Medicare."

So why did the Romney/Ryan ticket lose? Was it their general and mysterious plan for the country?

Was it their clothing, uncomfortable smiles, or arrogance toward average Americans?

Of course not. But Ryan did see a few extra votes come in from what Fox News pundit Michael Barone described as “central city black ghetto neighborhoods.”

To be clear though, it wasn't a loss over budget issues, despite the presidential races focus on budget issues.

The majority in Congress didn't change, so Ryan figures Americans still want his plan. Ryan didn't mention how many house seats were lost to Democrats, or that gerrymandering prevented a complete ideological shift from occurring. Such explanations would take way too much time.

Ryan is a one note ideologue, an Ayn Randian believer who's goal is strict authoritarian austerity. So of course he shielded his repugnant positions from Obama’s mandate. WISC:

GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) on Monday said he did not believe his defeat signaled the electorate’s rejection of his budget plans. “I don’t think we lost it on those budget issues, especially on Medicare — we clearly didn’t lose it on those issues,” he said.

Democrats made Ryan’s work as House Budget committee chairman a centerpiece of their attacks on him and GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

“It’s in his interest to offer some ideas to put specific ideas on the table,” Ryan said, adding that he was open to a deal that included “higher revenues through tax reforms.” 

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