Monday, November 19, 2012

Scott Walker: the Out-of-State Governor. Failure is not an issue.

Even though Scott Walker has perfected his snake oil smooth delivery, he's is still working on hiding his sociopathic and uncomfortable looking disconnected expression. But make no mistake, he's all set to go national.

And what could be more Wisconsin than a whole new drinking game for liberals? Pouring one down every time the media fails to mention how big a failure his austerity plan for Wisconsin has been over the last two years. He's a heroic loser who deserves of a standing ovation for simply parroting tea party platitudes. 

For a look into what makes Walker tick, I've edited for sanity, a few of his most important comments at the Reagan Library. For the record, Walker's grating speech impediment has nothing to do with our Midwest accent:

Cap Times Editorial: With all the time he is spending visiting the Reagan Library and hanging out with wealthy Republicans in California, it is now reasonably obvious that Gov. Scott Walker is trying to get his name listed as a potential contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Unfortunately, to make such a run, the governor has to do more than just neglect Wisconsin. He must harm the state by placing partisan politics ahead of public service. (We’re) stuck with Walker and his presidential ambition.

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