Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Applebee's CEO continues to Threaten Minimum wage Employees over Obamacare. Grinch?

UPDATE: 11/14 Wed-It looks like not everybody at Applebee's is onboard with Zane Tankel:

Tankel's remarks sparked some backlash online, prompting Applebee's president Mike Archer to release a statement saying that Tankel's remarks "were not the views or opinions of either Applebee's or other franchisees, although we respect his right to speak freely as an American."

"Our franchisees will comply fully with the law and take every measure possible to continue doing right by their employees -- the lifeblood of their businesses," Archer said. He pointed out that Tankel opened a new restaurant just last week that created about 200 jobs and will be opening another one next month. 

Yes, I'm still boycotting Applebee's, until Tankel backtracks from his statements below.

CEO Zane Tankel, of Applebee's fame, has a whole list of baseless threats. I have no problem with speculation on the affects of Obamacare, because after all, Tankel is trying to run a business and needs to make some decisions based on gut feel, and the bottom line.

But this Obamacare push back by the food service industry, where employees are paid almost nothing, is the only group of whiners that have gone public. This is new territory for business. They don't really know what to do.

Had business pushed "Medicare for All" they wouldn't be on the hook for anything. They would have been free of the expense, an expense that under Obamacare is deductible.

Here's Thom Hartmann's comment on Zane Tankel:

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