Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dumb Ron Johnson gets the Big Ed Treatment...

Ron Johnson: "If you aren't properly informed, you don't understand the problems..."

The irony of Ron Johnson calling Obama/Baldwin voters uninformed, was not missed by most Americans, especially the folks at the Ed Show. With just a little research, Ed turned up an interesting fact; the most educated states voted for Obama.

But not being "properly informed" might mean something completely different to Johnson. Maybe not enough people have heard dumb Ron Johnson's version of reality and upside down economics.

From an editorial that sounds eerily similar to my own comments here, the Appleton Post Crescent wrote this:
Thumbs down: To Sen. Ron Johnson, for his less-than-gracious response to Democrat Tammy Baldwin being elected as the state’s junior senator.

“Hopefully, I can sit down and lay out for her my best understanding of the federal budget because they’re simply the facts. “Hopefully, she’ll agree with what the facts are and work toward common-sense solutions.”

You get the feeling Johnson’s talking about his version of “facts” and not actually, you know, facts. And Baldwin certainly doesn’t have any understanding of the budget after being in Congress for ... nearly 14 years. That’s compared to Johnson’s less than two years.

Johnson also offered this explanation of Obama’s victory: “If you aren’t properly informed, if you don’t understand the problems facing this nation, you are that much more prone to falling prey to demagoguing solutions. And the problem with demagoguing solutions is they don’t work.”

This from the guy who was elected solely on “demagoguing solutions.”

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